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Development Golf Programme

King David Mowbray Golf Club Development Programme.

We host several golf day school clinics per year; were we recruit children that show the ability to play the game. As a club we believe in giving back; so we focus on previously disadvantaged children to share the love of the game and give them an opportunity of a lifetime.

Our programme runs on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon with the children being coached by professionals. We provide transport to and from school when required and look after them with a healthy lunch and a beverage to ensure there concentration is at its best. Clubs, balls and facilities are provided. All of this is at no cost to the school or pupil except for Section C below. We now have 3 sections to our programme A - Pre Selected applicants from a previously disadvantaged background B - Pre Selected Model C Schools were we have hosted school clinics C - Private Students ( This is the only section were there is a term fee of R450 payable in advance) Each group does not exceed 12 pupils and is overseen by 1 coach and 1 assistant to ensure the children get the best out of the hours coaching session. SEE OUR 2016 and 2015 Graduation Awards Ceremonies



A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors; The Pro Shop N1 City & Pro Shop Kenilworth, King David Mowbray Cafe & most of all, our loyal Members. A special Thank You to PING Cape town for the generous donation of clubs for our programme. Without companies like yourselves, we would not be able to provide this service. Thank you for giving back to the community!

The Programme consists of the following:


Learners are sorted into groups according to age. The programme has 3 tiers and runs over a 1-2 year period. Each tier requires a theory and practical competency test for progression to the next. Expected competency period for each tier is 3 - 6 months. ALL learners receive certificates for their efforts. Those not meeting minimum standards repeat the cycle and receive a certificate for an area in which they have applied themselves. The tiers cover all aspects of the game allowing the learner to get onto the course with ease and confidence. Learners are eligible for promotion to King David Mowbray Prentice Section once the three tiers are successfully completed.


The learners are given a series of lessons encompassing:

  • Basic understanding of the objectives of the game
  • Important rules and scoring techniques
  • Understanding of dress code, punctuality and etiquette
  • Course respect and management
  • Club components and functions
  • Distance assessment/judgement
  • Correct grip and posture
  • Balance and timing
  • Chipping > 20% into target circle
  • Sand shots > 20% out the bunker
  • Putting 9 holes < 28 putts


The second stage begins with a chipping and putting assessment and theory revision from Tier One, thereafter lessons to cover:

  • Handicaps, rules and scoring
  • Correct grip and swing path
  • Weight transfer and balance
  • Timing and tempo
  • Club lengths, lofts and shafts
  • Full swing, address, balance and contact
  • > 10% solid contact on full shots
  • Chipping > 25% into target circle
  • Sand shots > 30% out the bunker
  • Putting 18 holes < 44 putts

Minimum of 4 Hours practice per week


After revision from Tier Two the final Tier Three covers:

  • 5 different methods of scoring
  • Rules test (20 questions)
  • Course management
  • Full swing analysis
  • Distance control
  • Shot shaping, low shots, high shots
  • > 25% solid contact
  • Chipping > 40% into target circle
  • Sand shots > 40% out the bunker
  • Putting 18 holes < 40 putts

Minimum of 6 Hours practice per week


If you would like more information regarding the above or would like us to come do a clinic at your school please contact us: Development Golf Enquiries -